Gym Owners We Feel Your Pain!

Hi!  We are so excited! I’m Amy Honey, And I’m Jamie Honey, and we are nationally certified personal trainers and we are also ex gym owners so we know your pain!

Gym owners we love you and we appreciate what you do and everything you go through but, if you are in the health and fitness industry or you’re a health coach we have a really fun Facebook live coming up for you and we’re super excited about it.

November 6 at 8 a.m. November 6 8 a.m.
Pacific Standard Time so 8 a.m. Pacific
Standard Time 11 a.m.

What’s that other
time zone?  an Eastern Standard Time so
November 6 we just wanted to personally
invite you because we do these giveaways
all the time.   We give away really cool
stuff we give away gold we give away
running shoes we give away health and
fitness stuff but on this particular one
we’re giving away three-day two-night
vacations but we’re also giving away one person is gonna win a course that actually gives you continuing education credits and we know how important those are to you that’s right!! Oh health and fitness professionals you got to keep up those CEC’s or CEUs and sometimes that’s gonna cost a bit.   But for one lucky person you’re actually going to get your course paid for and we also have some other free giveaways for the event as well as some holidays.   Absolutely it’s gonna be really fun and you can actually get your CEUs or CEC’s for NASA in ASM, NCCA PT and ISSA.   Now I just petitioned for Ace…. so you can also get the phrase as well but it’s a big deal.   I know how hard we work and how hard you guys work, and if you are not exert by professional and you don’t need the CEUs, it is a great course anyway!    All about nutrition and fitness and we’ve got two special guests that have extreme knowledge that are going to give you

some amazing insights in that short

little presentation that’s happening

November 6 at 8 a.m. Pacific Standard


not even a presentation it’s actually

just an interview and it’s in it’s a

giveaway so we’re just giving you fun

stuff come join us

we’re going to share the links with you

and we will see you there


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