Not All DNA Tests Are Alike

Find Out About The Difference In DNA Companies

Hi, I am here to talk to you about DNA testing and let you know that not all DNA tests are alike.  So what a lot of people don’t know about the typical DNA test… is that most DNA companies actually make money by selling your information.  So for instance they have the right to sell your information to life insurance companies. So people are actually getting turned down for life insurance because they have the genes for cancer and the life insurance companies can see that.   The life insurance companies are interested in purchasing your DNA testing.   So with the DNA testing company that I work with, they have something called gene lock which means that they do not share your information.  

You actually have to sign a HIPPA compliant form to say that I can see your DNA test or whoever your provider is going to be. That they can see it and help you understand your DNA testing.  I just wanted to give you that little tidbit that not all DNA
tests are alike I hope you’re having a great day my name is Amy honey at DNA for health.